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I am India. I have suffered from a variety of health problems for most of my life. I made this blog to organize my thoughts and help others.

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Dec 26

Things Family Says On A Chronically Ill Christmas

  • You’re sick? But it’s Christmas!
  • Stop making those faces. (Pain faces)
  • You aren’t allowed to throw up.
  • Please try a little harder.
  • Could you not talk about being sick or doctors or anything involving your life?
  • Could you try not to look so sick?

Dec 23

Does anyone have any special plans for the holidays?

Hope everyone is as healthy as can be. 


Dec 19

Total pain relief.
More pajamas.
A kitty to cuddle with in bed.
Dim incandescent lighting.
Feel free to add as you see necessary. This is only the start. 
  • Total pain relief.
  • More pajamas.
  • A kitty to cuddle with in bed.
  • Dim incandescent lighting.

Feel free to add as you see necessary. This is only the start. 

Dec 16

A Chronic Christmas: Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill


Since it’s the Holiday season, here are some gift ideas perfect for the chronically ill loved one in your life:

  1. Comfy PJ pants or boxers. Secretly behind closed doors, many of us live in them. I know I do.
  2. Mix CDs/tapes with a great playlist: Music is a great tool for relaxation and a personalized playlist is always a thoughtful gift.
  3. Netflix subscription or DVDs
  4. Blankets/pillows: be mindful of allergies
  5. Stationary/journal: great for those who want to keep a pain journal or record of their journey; stationary is perfect for those who want to write thank you cards or short letters
  6. Books or Kindle gift card
  7. Blowdryer Stand: great for those who have weak arms/hands that like to do their hair
  8. Order a wellness basket.
  9. Hiring a cleaning service for a week/day/etc: always a helpful gift
  10. Care packages filled with your loved one’s favourite things
  11. A simple card: Sometimes it’s just enough to know someone else cares
  12. Grabber claw: useful for picking things up and limiting the amount of bending done
  13. Kitchen aids: things like an automatic can opener or easy-lift pots are great for the chronically ill who enjoy but struggle with cooking
  14. Swivel seat/Lazy Susan for the car: makes getting in and out much easier when it hurts to move
  15. Car Care: offer to take your loved one’s car in for an oil change, a wash, or give a gift card for a car-wash/change so they don’t have to stress about doing it
  16. Gloves/winter accessories: helpful for those of us whose hands respond to extreme temperature differences.
  17. Food! When your loved one is flaring and has the responsibility of cooking for others or for themselves, offer to cook, stop by with frozen food, or bring something by, even if it’s just their favourite little something. Be mindful of known dietary restrictions.
  18. Gas cards/gift cards. It’s known fact that chronic illness doesn’t just affect the body, but the wallet too.
  19. Offer to do the grocery shopping or various errands
  20. Put together a “coupon” book with “coupons” of favours you’d be willing to do for them, so they can tell you what they need and when. A creative, fun, yet helpful gift.
  21. Make a donation to a relevant organization in their name.
  22. A massage or mani/pedi: be mindful of whether or not this person can enjoy these activities.
  23. Raise awareness in their name, whether by promoting a blog or wearing an awareness pin or making a donation, this gift is forever priceless.
  24. Walk an awareness walk for/with them: put together a team, raise money for the cause, and ask them to either come and participate or watch you finish the walk/run
  25. Support their hobby: Does your loved one have a specific hobby they enjoy? For example, mine is making jewelry, so receiving gift cards to bead stores or beads is a great gift.
  26. Stuff a stocking. Kind of like the care package idea, but with a Holiday twist. Fill it with their favourite things, chocolates, hand sanitizers, moisturizers, etc wrapped in tissue paper.
  27. Flowers. Be mindful of allergies.
  28. College apparel. Know a college student crazy for their university? Chances are they’ll appreciated anything from a sweatshirt to a lanyard. 
  29. Holiday Help: A pre-holiday present; offer to help them decorate the tree or help cook holiday meals.
  30. For the Kids: for children with a chronic illness, offer them a day of “normalcy” when they’re feeling well on a day of their choice. Whether it’s a trip to get ice cream or to an amusement park, offer them a day of their choosing (within reason, of course). Help them feel like a “normal” kid again, if only for a few hours.

The greatest gift you can give to a chronically ill loved one is kindness, understanding, and love. Be a friend, be aware, offer help. Open your heart all year round, not just during the holiday season.

Feel free to comment and leave your own gift ideas for others to share!

You get what you give.